Official creation of 350 (Belgian) Squadron at Valley. The following pilots are transferred from  131 (County of Kent) Squadron: S/Ldr J. Thompson, H. Gonay (Fl/Co), X. Menu, E. Plas, H. Smets, G. Deltour, A. Plisnier, G. Seydel, J. Ester, L. Harmel, R. De Wever,  H. Picard, G. Livijns and J. Depuysseleyr who will leave the Squadron  a few days later, joining the Aerial Reconnaissance.


Further complement of pilots arrive from other Squadron's and OTU: J. Carlier (Fl/Co), J. Van Leerberghe, L. Peeters, J. Blairon, R. Alexandre, L. Heimes, A. Custers, J. Hansez, H. Limet, A. Michiels, F. Venesoen, R. Schrobiltgen and
H. Van Moffaert


Notified by No 3 Delivery Flight at Hawarden, that 5 Spitfire Mk II would be delivered. One pilot of the delivery flight crashed near the Menai straits, killing the pilot.  Sgt  A. Claesen posted to 350 Squadron, on attachment to No 3 Delivery Flight, pending his arrival with aircraft crashed off the runway and was seriously injured. The three remaining aircraft did not attempt the journey.


Arrival of the three remaining aircraft.


The squadron starts training with 8 aircraft on strength.


350 Sqn is declared operational. First alert at 8.55 hrs: A. Plisnier and G. Seydel  take off for a convoy protection. Ten other convoy protection missions are flown that day.


The squadrons strength consists of 25 pilots and 19 Spitfire MK II.


"B"  Flight CO J. Carlier collided with a Lysander and crash landed. Severely injured, he was evacuated to Hospital for several months.


D. Guillaume transferred from 615 (County of Surrey) Squadron, takes over the command of "B" Flight


7 Supplementary Spitfires arrives at the squadron.


Last Spitfire Mk II arrives at 350. The squadron starts conversion on Spitfire Mk V. These are paid with funds collected in the Belgian Congo.


The squadron move to Northolt via Atcham.


Official inauguration of the Squadron, this is in presence of Sir Archibald Sinclair, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Air Marshal Sir Sholto Douglas and several Belgian Politicians. The Flag of the 2nd Regiment of the Aéronautique Militaire is handed over to the Squadron by the Belgian Minister of Defence Camile Gutt. 3 Flypasts of 12 planes are executed:  a Flypast with 4 sections in "Line Astern", one Flypast "Starboard Echelon" and a last one of three "Boxes" in "Vic" formation.


Redeployment to Valley.


The Squadron is attached to 10 Group and stationed at Atcham.


F. Boute freshly graduated arrives from OTU


M. Raes arrives at the squadron from OTU


D. Guillaume takes over command of 350 Squadron. Y. "Duke" Du Monceau de Bergendael transferred from 609 (West Riding) Squadron takes over command of "B" Flight.


H. Gonay "A" Flight CO  is transferred to OTU as instructor  and is replaced by A. Boussa.


E. Winterbeeck and R. Laumans are transferred from 74 (Tiger) Squadron.


Gunnery training at Warmwell


Deployment of the squadron at Debden.


33 Convoy protection patrols are executed totalling 41 Flying Hours.


Starting of "Circus - Rodeo - Ranger and Rhubarb" missions.


11 a.m. Flight over Poperinge, Veurne and Kassel


Circus 156: Escort of 6 Boston bombers on the Cokes Factories west of Zee- bruges together with 65 (East India), 71 (Eagle) and 111 Squadron's.


Circus 160: First dogfight executed by the "Duke" and J. Hansez against Me-109, no results


Circus 165: High cover of 6 Boston bombers with 111 Sqn. encountered little flak.


Circus 168: Escort to bomb Hazebrouck:  the "Duke" opens the score with one Me-109 damaged after been separated from the Squadron due an oxygen problem and heading to Manston.

Circus 170: 5 p.m. High cover with 65 (East India) Squadron to Bruges. "Red 4" Sgt  J. Blairon,  wounded after been engaged by FW-190 had to bail out into the sea. Picked up by ASR, he died of his injuries in the evening


Sgt José Blairon buried at Brockwood.


Circus 175: Evening, "Rear Support" of 6 Hurribombers to St-Omer. An engagement against 30 Me-109 and Fw-190 saw a Me-109 Damaged for "Duke" and a Probable for J. Ester. Ester's plane was hit in this frontal engagement and he had to bail out. He was rescued by the ASR.  


Rodeo 46 with the Biggin Hill Wing and Hornchurch  Wing. The squadron is involved in a clash with Fw-190's (II and III/JG.26). "Plis" Plisnier obtains the first confirmed kill of 350 and also damaged another one. Boussa and Laumans also each damaged a Fw-190. During the same melee Winterbeeck was shot down and crashed in to the sea and was reported MIA. Peeters, crash landed near Calais after being hit and was taken prisoner.


Circus 176: "Target Cover" with Debden Wing over Bruges, the squadron met 20 Fw-190's (Stab, I and III/JG.26) near Ostend. "Duke" shot down one of these but Livijns and Hansez are reported MIA. Laumans was shot down (probably by Oberst Josef "Pips" Priller, Stab III./JG26) near Ostend and rescued after two days by the Germans. Made POW, he was send to Germany.


Rodeo 70: Whilst the Squadron flew at 30,000ft above Cap Griz Nez, the plane of Schrotbiltgen  slowly left  the formation turned on his back and dived in to the sea. He was probably a victim of oxygen starvation.


Returning from a convoy protection M. Raes lost his leader due to bad weather and hit Barrage Balloon cables. He died when he crashed near Norwich.


First "Rhubarb" executed by Venesoen and Seydel in the region of Furnes and Nieuport.


Ramrod 35: Dunkirk. As Primary target was not found. The formation turned North-East and attacked Coxyde instead. 350 Flying with Hornchurch Wing was flying a diversion and drew III/JG.26 into a fight off Dunkirk. 1WIA.


Circus 195: "Escort Cover" of 12 Boston to Hazebrouck. A clash with Fw-190's resulted in 2 confirmed kills for Picard. During the same melee, De Wever was shot down and made POW.


The squadron is completed by J. Rigole arriving from the OTU. L. Flohimont and H. Marchal saw their transfer from 123 (East India) Squadron as did P. Arend who arrived from 325 Squadron. Van Moffaert left the squadron joining Training Command. The Squadron moved to Gravesend.


A DFC was awarded to the "Duke"


Redeployment of the squadron to Martlesham.


The squadron deploys to Kenley.


First "Ranger" over the Channel


A day of several "Rhubarbs". A. Van den Haute, M. Charlier and R. Dehasse joined 350 Sqn.


"Ramrod" to Fort Rouge Airfield. A dogfight with Me-109 (II/JG.26) and FW-190 (JG.2) resulted in 2 probables and a damaged. Marchal was hit  and had to force land near Sandwich.


Rhubarb: G. Seydel is hit by Flak near Bray Dunes. He bailed out 15 miles off Manston and is rescued by ASR.


Beachy Head: X. Menu disappeared into the sea returning from a early evening patrol.


Rhubarb: 1 aircraft collided with electricity cables near Hamsey Railway Bridge while low flying and crashed at Lower Malling Farm, South Malling Without. The Spitfire was completely wrecked  and P/O De Hasse was extremely lucky to escape with his life.


A "Rhubarb" of  4 Spitfires at an altitude of 500ft in the region of Merville saw Picard hitting an High Tension Cable, damaging his wing tip. Ester collided with a watertower and has to force land in enemy territory. Ester successfully evades capture in France and arrives back in the UK in 1943 (See biography of J.Ester)


Dieppe: 1st mission: take off at 07.20 a.m. Above Dieppe 350 Squadron met a dozen Fw-190, resulting in a destroyed Fw-190 for the "Duke", a shared for H. Picard and E. Plas and a damaged one for L. Flohimont. H. Marchal was hit and had to bale out and was made a POW. The second sortie which took off at 11 a.m. was also successful: 3 Fw-190 destroyed   (F. Venesoen, A. Boussa and R.  Alexandre) and 4 and 1 shared damaged (F. Boute: 1 and 1 shared with G. Seydel and A. Boussa, R. Alexandre and the "Duke", each damaged one).The third mission at 12.20 p.m. saw a Ju-88 destroyed in co-operation by H. Smets,  F. Boute,  A. Plisnier and J. Van Leerberghe. The last mission of the day saw 12 Spitfires taking off at 15.15 and again the squadron were successful with 2 Fw-190 destroyed (F. Venesoen and A. Plisnier) and 4 Fw-190 and one Do-217 damaged (G. Seydel, L. Flohimont, E. Plas, R. Alexandre and  J. Van Leerberghe).


Albert Custers left the sqn and joined Training Command as an Instructor.


Circus 208: Whilst escorting 12 Boston’s to Abbeville/Drucat Airfield, the squadron is attacked by a dozen  Fw-190 (I and II/JG.26). During the melee, the "Duke" proceeded to shoot-down one of his assailants while E. Plas damaged two others. H. Picard and M. Charlier are shot-down ( one of both was shot-down by Major Wilhelm-Ferdinand "Wutz" Galland, 5./JG26). Charlier's body was never found. H. Picard, who was wounded, was rescued by the Germans and made a POW after having spent 6 days and nights in his dinghy. (See biography of H. Picard)


Arrival at the Squadron of A. Claesen from 232 Squadron and R. Herreman from 124 (Baroda) Squadron


New arrivals to the Squadron of A. Drossaert from 501 (County of Gloucester) Squadron, G. de Patoul from 610 (County of Chester) Squadron and L. Collignon from 122 (Bombay) Squadron


The Squadron welcomes W. de Merode who arrives from 501 (County of Gloucester) Squadron.


The Sqn went to Martlesham for a Shooting campaign


Redhill: Returning from a Scramble the weather  deteriorated and L. Heimes had to bail out after he damaged his undercarriage in an  attempt to land. F. Venesoen crashed his plane into trees on a hill  and was luckily only slightly wounded. 


A. Vandenhoute, ill, is hospitalised and did not follow the Squadron that has now moved to Southend.


Van de Poel is transferred from 124 (Baroda) Squadron to 350 Squadron 


Leigh Mallory awards a DFC to S/L Guillaume


A Do-217 hit by AA, crashed on the 350 Squadron dispersal, killing W/O Dyon (Technical Officer) and wounding 2 other mechanics.


Rhubarb: A Ju-52 is shared by A. Plisnier and F. Venesoen during a Rhubarb in the vicinity of St-Aubin Airfield.


Rhubarb: Another shared for A. Plisnier who shot down a Me-110 together with L. Harmel on a Rhubarb at St-Denijs-Westrem (Ghent)


L. Heimes is put on rest and leaves the Squadron for RAF Depot N°1. L. Limet leaves the Squadron for the sister Squadron, 349, that will be formed at Ikeja (Nigeria)


L. Verbeeck arrives at 350.


The Squadron leaves Southend for Hornchurch.


Drossaert is transferred to 171 Sqn.


Circus 242: A clash with Fw-190 (I and II/JG.26) in the vicinity of St-Omer results in 1 damaged each for the "Duke" and L. Collignon and 2 other damaged for A. Plisnier. Plisnier hit during this meleé, crash-landed in the vicinity of Dover. W. de Merode, also hit, had to bail out over enemy territory. He successfully evades capture in France and arrives back in the UK in April 1943.


S/L A. Boussa takes over command of the Squadron. W/Cdr D. Guillaume DFC is designated as Base Commander of Fairlop Airfield


Five new pilots arrives from OTU: L. Dancot, G. De Jaegher, J. Groensteen, J. Lavigne and J. Wustefeld


S/L Y. "Duke" Du Monceau de Bergendael DFC is put on rest and transferred to HQ 81 Group. Padre Boone joins the Squadron. H. Smets and A. Plisnier becomes "A" flight and "B" flight Commanders respectively


P. Arend left the Squadron for a job as test-pilot at the Vickers Armstrong factory.


A new arrival of pilots from OTU: L. Lelarge, P. Siroux and F. Verpoorten.


Circus 253: Escort of 12 Boston's to St-Omer: An engagement with Fw-190’s resulted in 1 destroyed for R.  Alexandre and a probable for A. Plisnier. Unfortunately L. Flohimont was shot down by Major Wilhelm-Ferdinand "Wutz" Galland of II./JG26 and KIA.


During a  Rhubarb to Brussels, A. Plisnier and P. Siroux each drop a Belgian Flag above the Belgian capital.


Again the Squadron moves to Martlesham for a shooting campaign


Participation of the Squadron in Exercise SPARTAN in cooperation with the Army.

Personal Note of Allan Hillman :
 (This was where the "basics" of living rough and operating from ALG’s was tried out - Dad said he got frost in his hair at night as it was so cold in his tent !!! - he was in the forerunner of 83 Group HQ at the time)


Transfer from 616 (South Yorkshire)  Squadron of J. de Callatay.


The Squadron moves to Fairlop. F.Venesoen and E. Plas leaves the Squadron for 610 (County of Chester) Squadron. L. Collignon and R. Alexandre joins 64 Squadron and Dehasse joins 91 (Nigeria)  Squadron.


M. de Hepcée arrives at 350 Squadron.


A new arrival: W. Laloux


The transfer of the Squadron to 13 Group at Acklington for a period of rest sees the arrival of new batch of pilots: M. Grawels and P. Leva


During a low altitude interception exercise, the C.O., A. Boussa, discovers a lone Do-217 at 50 miles from the coast and shoots it down. This day saw also the arrival of C. Brahy and R. Ernould from OTU.


Another batch of fresh pilots arrives at Acklington: M. Brosteau, G. Duchesne and J. Gérard.


The Squadron's arrives at full strength with R. Bladt and A. Van Wersch.


R. Alexandre returns to 350 after a short period at 64 Squadron.


Several pilots are transferred to the reactivated 349 (Belgian) Squadron that will be led by S/Ldr Y. Du Monceau de Bergendael: C. Brahy, J. Groensteen, G. Seydel, J. Van Leerberghe, and L. Verbeeck.


The Squadron moves to Ouston Airfield


J. de Callatay is transferred to 3 Squadron.


During the landing approach at Ouston, the planes of M. Grawels and R. Van de Poel collided and crashed at the boundary of the Airfield killing both pilots.


The Squadron returns to Acklington


350 moves to Digby


H. Smets is transferred to 129 (Mysore) Squadron and sees the return of F/Lt  L. Collignon who takes over command of "A" flight


A. Plisnier earns a DFC.


350 is detached to West Malling executing high cover escorts above France


Return to Digby


The Squadron is transferred to Hawkinge


Arrival of R.Vanderveken from OTU


Air to Air Armament Practise camp at Southend.


RHUBARB OPERATIONS. F/O SIROUX and P/O LAVIGNE. UP 15.30 Hours- DOWN 16.00 Hours.Attack on barges and locks in Belgium was the intension. Operation was abandoned one mile from Knocke owing to unfavowrable weather conditions.


RHUBARB OPERATIONS.  F/S BOUTE and  SGT DE HEPCEE. UP 11.30 Hours. Intention was to cover LOKEREN, LIERRE, NINOVE area.  Both pilots did not return and both are reported missing.
RHUBARB OPERATIONS.  F/O MICHIELS and F/O DUCHESNE. UP 12.45 Hours. Down 13.55 Hours; Intension was to cover A/D 's BELSELE and SWEVEZEELE.  Railway's LOKEREN, TERMONDE, ALOST, NINOVE, GRAMMONT,  AUDENARDE.  The Section returned when half-way out, owing to yellow 1 losing his tank.  Today being the Squadron's second anniverssary, a Requiem Mass was celebrated in the morning bij the Squadron  Padre S/L BOONE, and the new Squadron Flag blessed.


Local Flying Practise.


R. Duchateau joins the Squadron arriving from 41 Squadron.


Ramrod 377: L. Harmel crash landed near Abbeville in enemy territory after an engine failure. He successfully evades capture in France and arrives back in the UK in March 1944.


Ramrod 381: Escort of 18 Mitchell's to Purchevin. A. Herreman of "Yellow" section, shoots down an isolated Fw-190 in the region of Berck-sur-Mer.


Rhubarb to dive-bomb V-1 sites: G. Dancot crashes after a dogfight with Fw-190's ( victim of Feldwebel Wilhelm Mayer, 7./JG26) and is avenged by P. Siroux who destroyed one of the opponents. S/Ldr A. Boussa sent together with  A. Plisnier on rest, is replaced by S/Ldr L. Prevot DFC


350 leaves Hawkinge to join 135 Wing at Hornchurch where they exchange their Spitfire MK V for Spitfire MK IX from 222 (Natal) Squadron, who are sent on rest.

02-05/01/1944Practice flying with new aircraft, the Spitfire Mk IXB

06/01/1944Ranger: Brussels and Antwerp

07/01/1944Ramrod: Cherbourg

08/01/1944Fighter Sweep: Gand-Lille

9-20/01/1944No operation flying, practice formation flying

21/01/1944Fighter Sweep: St-Omer

22/01/1944No operational flying

23/01/1944Ramrod: St-Omer


Ramrod: St-Omer and Abbeville, withdrawal cover for Flying Fortresses from Brussels. A. Michiels leaves the Squadron for the Belgian Depot at Goring.


Ramrod St-Omer, Fighter Sweep Doullens aera. A new batch of pilots arrives from OTU: L. Siroux and J. Morel.

26-27/01/1944No operational flying

28/01/1944Fighter Sweep: Doullens aera, F/Lt Alexandre shoots up some lorry's.

29/01/1944Fighter Sweep: Tirlemont, withdrawal cover for 800 Fortresses back from Frankfurt.


During 2 Rangers performed that day over the Pas de Calais, G. Duchesne, a member of the first mission was shot down by the Flak of Middelkerke. During the second mission J. Gérard was also hit by Flak, successfully flew back and crashed when trying to land at Hawkinge. Rescued from the burning plane, he died of his injuries several hours later. F/O Siroux was shot up, but gets back to Hornchurch unhurt.

31/01/1944No operational flying

01-02/02/1944No operational flying

03/02/1944Ramrod: Doullens

04/02/1944Withdrawal cover for 900 Flying Fortresses

05/02/1944Ramrod: Beauvais

06-07/02/1944No operational flying


A shooting campaign at Llanbedr, one Sweep and 4 Rangers are executed during this period.  F/Sgt Harmel 'A' Flight who last December crash-landed in France due engine trouble , escapes and arrives back in England


G. Deltour is transferred to Training Command as an instructor.

09-20/02/1944Air -Firing

21/02/1944Back at Horhnchurch and on operations

22/02/1944Ramrod: Soesterberg

23/02/1944No operational flying

24/02/1944Ramrod: Gilze - Rijen, withdrawal cover for Flying Fortresses from Brussels.

25/02/1944Ramrod: St-Trond, escorting of 54 Maurauders.

26-27/02/1944No operational flying

28/02/1944Close escort for 42 Maurauder's, Hestin aera.

29/02/1944Ramrod: Hestin aera.

01/03/1944No operational flying

02/03/1944High Cover: Escorting Flying Fortresses to Germany at 30.000 ft

03/03/1944No operational flying

04/03/1944Ramrod: Malines, encounted very accurate flak. Withdrawal cover Flying Fortresses from Tirlemont.

05-06/03/1944No operational flying

07/03/19442 Ramrods to Soesterberg

08/03/1944Ramrod: Abbeville


No operational flying. A move to Peterhead via Hawkinge will see the Squadron joining 14 Group ADGB again. They exchanged their Spitfire Mk IX for Spitfire MK V

11-13/03/1944No operational Flying. Arrival to Peterhead (13/03) with 2 new pilots: D. Scuvie arriving from OTU and L. Verbeeck from 349 (Belgian) Squadron.
14/03/1944Practice Army co-operation, dusk landings, bombing, formation flying and night flying. F/O Lavigne lost its port wing on take off (MN-Z , MK192). J. Morel has to bail out after his engine cut. Flying just above the sea, he successfully  ditched near fishing boats and was rescued. F/O Siroux and F/Sgt Laloux cut each others wings on landing.

15-26/03/1944Practice and training


Promoted W/Cdr, Prevot joined the Training Command.


H. Picard one of the "Great Escape" assassinated by the Gestapo.

27/03/19441section on Dawn patrol, Uniform patrol and Air-Sea-Rescue patrol, results univentfull.

28/03/1944No Flying


G. Beckers, after having lost control of his plane during a dive-bombing practice, had to bail out. He injured his back whilst landing in a small lake. He will be put to non-flying status for a long period.

30/03/1944No flying

31/03/1944Scramble: 1 Aircraft univentfull. 1 section on Dusk patrol, univentfull


06/04/19441 section on Dawn patrol, univentfull. Scramble 1 aircraft, univentfull.


10/04/1944Scramble 1 aircraft, univentfull

11/04/1944Dusk patrol, univentfull

12/04/1944Squadron beat up some ships in the North Sea.

13/04/1944Dusk patrol, univentfull



Collignon is designated to follow a PAI course (Pilot Armament Instructor).

21/04/1944Dusk patrol, univentfull.
23/04/1944Dusk patrol, univentfull.


A. Plisnier returning from rest takes over command of "B" flight


A move to Friston sees 22 Spitfire and 1 Tiger Moth leaving Peterhead.

26/04/1944Full complement arrived at Friston, Kent.
27/04/1944Patrol 10 miles South of Isle of Wight.
28/04/1944Patrol again of the Isle of Wight.
29/04/1944No operational flying.


Escort mission: On departure, D. Scuvie collided with G. De Jaegher and crashed into the sea and was killed. De Jaegher successfully ditched in the sea off Isle of Wight and was rescued by Air Sea Rescue. Injured in one of his eyes, he was retired from operations for a long period. 

01/05/1944No operational flying.

02/05/1944Ramrod: Valencienes. Dusk patrol, univentfull

03/05/1944Dusk patrol, univentfull.

04/05/1944Dusk patrol, univentfull. Convoy patrol.

05/05/1944No operational flying.

06/05/1944Fighter Sweep : Douai.

07/05/1944Fighter Sweep (Umbrella) : Fechamps

08/05/1944Ramrod: Elubef ?

09/05/1944Scramble Air Sea Rescue twice

10/05/1944Ramrod: Neullis-Charleroi, 18 Boston's bombing marshalling yards. Fighter Sweep: Amiens-Pax.

11/05/1944Fighter Sweep: Lille-Arras. Ramrod sees 24 Mitchell's escorted to Furnes and Douai.


F. Venesoen returns to 350 Squadron after having augmented his score with 2 confirmed kills at 610 (County of Chester) Squadron. Fighter Sweep to Amiens.

13/05/1944Ramrod : Tournai - Renaix -Oudenaerde.


15/05/1944Ramrod: Beaumont

16-17/05/1944No operational flying.

18/05/1944Dusk and night patrol


Collignon returns from the PAI course. Shipping - Recco off Le Havre and Cherbourg.

20/05/1944Fighter Sweep: Amiens

21/05/1944Mass Rhubarb: Nieuport - Mons.


J. Rigolle rejoins 350 with "non-flying" status. Roadstead: Le Havre and Cherbourg.

23/05/1944No operational flying.

24/05/1944Dawn Show, shipping recco off Le Havre. Dusk patrol (Defensive) off Le - Solent.

25/05/1944Ramrod: Lille, escort of Maurauders.

26-27/05/1944No operational flying.

28/05/1944Ramrod: Furnes - Brugges. Fighter Sweep: Arras.

29/05/1944Fighter Sweep: Douai, target cover, target Field - battery.

30/05/1944Ramrod: Courcelles.

31/05/1944Roadstead: Dieppe - Cherbourg, escort of 12 Beaufighters.


New arrival of British pilots: F/Lt E. Patterson arriving from 64 Squadron, F/O P. Wilson and Sgt  J. Wooley from OTU. Scramble, Univentful. Dusk patrol, Le Havre and North Forland.


J. Vanderperren joins 350. Shipping Patrol, Le Havre - Berwick

03-05/06/1944Painting of black and white stripes on all aircraft?


Another new batch of pilots: P. Delorme, L. Lambrechts, R. Muls, P. Pacco.


D-Day : 0440 hrs, take-off for aerial protection of the invasion fleet to the Coast of Normandy. 25 Missions are flown today, with the last plane landing at 2340 hrs. Unfortunately F/L F. Venesoen's plane was hit during the first mission, he baled out and was last seen by his wingman, Lucien Siroux, attempting to inflate his dingy. No trace was found of him making him MIA. L. Collignon returning from PIA course is put on rest.

Fred Langtree wrote in his notes:
The Allied forces have landed in France, between Le Havre and Cherbourg. It's called the NEPTUNE Operation. 350 Squadron are patroling the beaches. The first patrol by 350 was at 04.00 hours. The bombing results on the beaches seems terrific, the big guns of the Navy are pounding heavy shells inland. Masses of Allied troops are landing regulary and hundreds of landing craft, warships and vessels of all kind are sailing of the beaches. Thousend of sorties have been flown by fighters of 2nd Tactical Air Force and ADGB. The German Airforce reaction is very weak. Terrific ack-ack barrage from German flak-ship of Le Havre experianced by 350 Squadron. From the first patrol at 04.00 hours F/Lt Venesoen DFC "A" Flight was hit by a rocket and went into the drink, he was picked up by the Navy in his dinghy but was found to be dead. He was buried at sea (?)

Scramble: 2 aircraft from "B" flight X and T. Univentful Patrol at 21.45 hrs covered the beach-head then to finish with a night offensive.  


Between 0450 hrs and 2345 hrs, 36 Beachhead cover patrols are flown. Heavy ack-ack fire from the flak-ship of Le Havre. Scramble: Sector Recco. Dusk Patrol over the beach-head, nothing to report, very dark.


33 Beachhead cover patrols. Returning from a mission to St-Vaast, weather deteriorated resulting in several emergency landing on several airfields and the loss of A. Herreman, who collided with a Marauder in a cloud and crashed to the ground. 


Due to a storm no activity


48 missions are flown, with the last ending at 0040 hrs. Another big loss to the squadron occurred with the death of F/L R. Alexandre, CO "A" Flight, who after an engine problem, tried to land on the sea. His plane sank and he drowned, making him MIA. F/O P. Wilson "B" Flight, wingman of F/L E. Patterson, disappeared during an engagement against a couple of Me-109’s . 18.00 hrs : Beach cover. Late show, offensive patrol St-Vaast.


Only 11 missions are executed today. F/L A. Plisnier is appointed CO "A" Flight and F/L G. de Patoul succeeding him as CO of "B" Flight.


32 missions are flown. R. Mehuys joins 350 Squadron arriving from OTU.F/O Muls "A" Flight lands on one of the landing strips. 1 Aircraft of "B" Flight dispatched for shipping recco of Le Havre and Berwick. Beach cover and then Dusk cover over the beaches.


This day saw the squadron executing 19 missions. 


2 Escort missions of Mitchell’s are flown to Alençon. After mechanical problems, F/O L. Lelarge "A" Flight had to bale out over the channel and was rescued. R. Huens, R. Jaminé and M. Doncq reinforces 350 Squadron. Convoy patrol.


Beach head cover. Scramble: 4 Aircraft, univentful. Dawn cover over the beaches.A. Claesen finishing his tour of operations is put on rest.

16/06/1944Beach cover St-Vaast. Ramrod : Alencon (18 Mitchell's). Scramble: 2 aircraft after Doodlebug.
17/06/194410.20 hrs and 16.00 hrs: Beach cover. Dusk cover, on return had to land at Tangmere.
18/06/1944Dawn cover from Tangmere. Scramble: 1 Aircraft. 13.00 hrs: Beach cover. Ramrod: Alencon (18 Mitchell's)
19/06/1944Dawn cover shipping protection.

20/06/1944Dawn cover. Beach cover Western flank, over Le Havre at low level

21/06/1944Convoy patrol.


R. Hoornaert, after a tour as "Test Pilot" joined the Squadron, accompanied by H. Smets returning from a rest. YOKE patrol, Cherbourg heavily bombed. EASY patrol. VICTOR patrol. Dusk patrol Eastern section of the beach head.

23/06/1944EASY patrol (Dusk)

24/06/1944NEPTUNE Dawn patrol Cherbourg again under heavy fire. NEPTUNE patrol, F/O Siroux and Sgt Huens land on the beach head.

25/06/1944White section convoy patrol. (2 aircraft)

26/06/1944Eastern patrol, engage and chase M.E. without result.

27/06/1944No operational flying.

28/06/1944Easy patrol.

29/06/1944Eastern patrol.

30/06/1944Three convoy patrols (1 aircraft, 1 aircraft, 3 aircraft). Eastern patrol. Easy patrol

01/07/1944William sector: 6 aircraft "B" Flight.


Squadron ready to move to RAF Westhampnett, ground crews service incoming aircraft 610 Squadron Spitfire XIVs until ready to leave.

03/07/1944Ground crews leave for Westhampnett, convoy of over 60 lorrys.


William patrol: 4 aircraft. Eastern patrol: 2 aircraft. Western patrol: 4 aircraft. William patrol: 2 aircraft.

05/07/1944Squadron changes from Spit Vs to brand new Spitfire IXs.

06/07/1944Defensive patrols between Isle of Wight and Cherbourg at 05.40, 06.15, 07.15, 09.15, 12.15 and 16.15 hrs.


350 Squadron forms part of the escort of 457 Lancaster’s to Caen. Fantastic sight of all, heavis flying over the channel like big fly's with Bostons and Maurauders milling around over the target with Spitfires above them. Bombing from between 4000 and 8000 ft. Plenty of flak.


No operational flying. During a training flight, the plane of F/Sgt  J. Woolley explodes after an engine fire, killing him.


Another escort of bombers to Caen. Defensive patrol shipping lanes.

10/07/1944FIGHTER SWEEP: Covering Lancaster's withdrawing from Meulan. No sign of any German aircraft about anywhere. Going in and out of Dieppe. CEAN falls to the British.

11/07/1944No operational flying.

12/07/1944Defensive patrol shipping lanes at 05.10, 07.20, 08.20, 09.40 and 11.15 hrs.

13/07/1944Escort over 20.000 ft fot 227 Lancaster's North of Paris.

14/07/1944Defensive patrol shipping lanes at 13.15 hrs and 18.35 hrs.

15/07/1944No operational flying

16/07/1944Fighter Sweep : Evreux.

17/07/1944Escort cover: St-Malo (36 Mitchell's)... Nice bombing.


The last British pilot of 350, F/L E. Patterson leaves the Squadron with a lot of regrets to 229 Squadron. A further bomber escort  sees 12 Spitfires of 350 Squadron above Colombelles.

19/07/1944350 beat 349, the other Belgian Squadron for a display for Mr Pierlot, the Belgian Prime Minister.
20/07/1944Shipping patrol: 12.10 hrs and 18.25 hrs.

21/07/1944No operational Flying. BELGIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY.

22/07/1944RAMROD: Urgintan


F/L P. Siroux and L. Lelarge are transferred to 349 (Belgian) Squadron as Flight Commanders. F/L J. Lavigne takes command of "B" flight.
RAMROD: Escort of 54 Mitchell's to Montford.

24/07/1944RAMROD: Caen and Evreux.

25/07/1944RAMROD: Caen

26/07/1944RAMROD: Squadron had to land in France owing to weather clamping down.

27/07/1944Fighter Sweep: Paris area.

28/07/1944Ramrod: Ostend- Merville (Halifax)

29/07/1944Convoy patrol 15.15 hrs and 19.35 hrs.

30/07/1944Bomber protection Villers-Bocage (500 Lancaster's). Fighter Sweep: Ollucou (?)


G. de Patoul, G. Beckers and R. Ernould having finished a tour are rested. A group of new pilots coming from OTU have joined 350 Squadron: A. Kicq, H. Boels, E. Pauwels and G. Gigot. Ramrod: Withdrawal cover for 240 Lancasters 70 miles South of Paris. Squadron lands on beach owing to inclement weather.

01/08/1944Squadron back from beach head.

02/08/1944Weather recco Rouen (2 Aircraft). Convoy patrol 15.35 hrs and 17.30 hrs. Bomber escort Le Havre.

03/08/1944Close escort Compeigne, Marshalling yard and wood plastered by the heavies. Fighter sweep Amiens.

04/08/1944Ramrod near Paris.

05/08/1944Ramrod: Chantilly. Fighter sweep: Beaurals- Dreux.

06/08/1944Ramrod: Falaise, F/Sgt Morel "B" Flight lands in France with engine trouble.
07/08/1944Fighter Sweep: Chartres.


A transfer to Hawkinge sees the Squadron converting to  the Spitfire Mk XIV. Ground crew and equipment transported by Dakota aircraft.

09/08/1944No operational flying.


350 Squadron starts its campaign against the V-1.

11-14/08/1944No joy

15/08/1944F/O Vanderveken "B" Flight has the previledge of shooting down the Squadron's first flying bomb. Fred Langtree went for a trip with F/O Vanderveken in the Squadron's Tiger Moth.
16/08/1944F/Sgt Verbeeck gets a flying bomb.

17/08/1944F/Sgt Morel hit by flak.

18/08/1944No joy.


Ranger to Brussels: The CO,  S/Ldr "Mike" Donnet, drops a Belgian Flag with signatures of all pilots executing this mission above the Belgian capital. On return, Alain  Plisnier "A" Flight commander, who lost contact with the Squadron, intercepts a Ju-188 near Soignies and shot him down. This is the sole victory for the Squadron in 1944. 


P. Leva destroys a V-1 with his wing-tip.

21/08/1944No joy.

22/08/1944Scramble: Battle over Calais.

23-24/08/1944No joy

25/08/1944Ramrod: Boston's bombing marshalling yards. Bomber escort Noth of 'Beavus'. Fighter sweep: no ball target.

26/08/1944Fighter sweep : Paris. Rhubarb Tournai-Gand-Tournai, 2 aircraft.

27/08/1944Fighter cover: Rouen area and Boulogne area.


350 Squadron is released from the "Anti -Diver" missions. The total Tally being 6 V-1's destroyed. Fighter sweep: St-Quentin area.

29/08/1944Fred Langtree notes: I now found myself posted to 54 OTU at RAF Charterhall, said goodby to all my Belgian friends. I heard that were off to mainland Europe, but I think they went to RAF Lympne?


Brussels is liberated.


A Sweep near the Belgian capital sees the Squadron executing a fly past above the city ending in "Bullshit formation".


350 Squadron crosses the German border, for the first time, whilst escorting Bombers to the Ruhr.


The Squadron escorts Dakota's during Operation "Market Garden".


Transfer to Lympne, A. van Eeckhoudt joins the Squadron, L. Siroux is put on rest


S/Ldr M. Donnet is promoted W/Cdr and leave the Squadron to lead the Hawkinge Wing. L.Collignon is designated to take over command of 350 Squadron.


Escort of 200 Halifax's to Walcheren.


Returning from a Ramrod, the CO, having engine troubles, is obliged to crash land near Aachen. J. Brosteaux and A. Plisnier are leaving the Squadron, A. Plisnier being sent to 336 Fighter Group , 8th  USAAF,  (on an exchange programme), flying Mustang's. G. Seydel coming from 349 (Belgian) Squadron takes over command of "A" Flight.


J. Morel returning from training mission is killed whilst landing.


C. Orban de Xivry arrives fresh from OTU.


The Squadron, now attached to 127 (RCAF) Wing, lands at B.56 Evere - back in Belgium at last.


R. Hoornaert, having an engine failure, manages to land in friendly lines


The CO, hit by flak, with great difficultly reaches friendly lines but breaks his leg having bailed out to low. He is evacuated to Great Britain . F/Lt J. Lavigne takes temporary command of the Squadron.


Jaak Vanderperren hit by flak during an attack against  a convoy is killed.


G. Seydel leaves for 349 (Belgian) Squadron and the Squadron moves to Y.32 Ophoven airfield joining 125 Wing.


Operation Bodenplatte - Only 4 Spitfires survived the attack  of  65 enemy fighters of JG.11


S/Ldr T. Spencer is designated to lead 350 Squadron, coming from 41 Squadron.


The Squadron again has a full strength of Spitfires


H. Smets is shot down by flak south of Adenau, making him POW.


R. Huens is killed when attacking a convoy between St-Vith and Prüm.


R. Francois,  J. Groensteen and C. Brahy joins the Squadron


W. Laloux, hit by flak, crash landed near Osnabruck and is made POW.


Executing an Armed Patrol in the region Rheine - Munster - Paderborn, a formation of 9 Spitfires encounter 20 Me-109 which resulted in a heavy combat in which J. Lavigne, A. Van Wersch and "Boam" Lambrechts claims each one destroyed with "Boam" adding a damaged to his Tally, and C. Brahy also damaging a Me-109.


The CO, S/Ldr T.  Spencer, is shot down near Rhede and made POW.


S/Ldr Frank Woolley, Flight Co at 130 (Punjab) Squadron takes over command of 350 Squadron


During a Sweep with 130 (Punjab) Squadron in the region Rheine - Münster, the formation of 15 Spitfires met a formation of a dozen Me-109 with R. Hoornaert, J. Groensteen and "Boam" Lambrechts claiming each one destroyed, E. Pauwels claiming one damaged.  Several pilots ending their operational tour leaves the Squadron: Both Flight Commanders F. Verpoorten and J. Lavigne, two Deputy Flight CO, A. Van Wersch and R. Duchateau. Leaving also: R. Vanderveken, R. Bladt, J. Mehuys, R. Jaminé and L. Verbeeck.


A complement of four British pilots join the Squadron: F/Lt K. Smith and D. Haworth, who takes command each of a flight, together with P/O D. Watkins and P. Bangerter.


L. Siroux, J. Van Liefland and S. Neulinger reinforce 350 Squadron.


The CO, S/Ldr  F. Woolley, claims a Me-109 destroyed  on return from an escort mission near Rheine


The Squadron moves to Warmwell for an Armament Practice Camp.


F/O Cresswell-Turner joins the Squadron


F/Lt Featherstone joins the Squadron.


The Squadron rejoins 125 Wing at B.78 Eindhoven


R. Hoornaert, hit by flak near Lingen has to crash land in enemy lines, making him an POW for the rest of War


During an Armed Recce. in the region Aschendorf - Meppen - Lingen, the Squadron intercepts 5 Fw-190, R. Muls and S. Neulinger sharing the destruction of one Fw-190 but unfortunately F/O Cresswell-Turner is shot down and taken prisoner.


The Squadron leaves B.78  Eindhoven for  B.106 Twenthe - now operating from an airfield east of the Rhine for the first time.


G. de Patoul returns to 350 after his period of rest.


The CO, S/Ldr T. Spencer, liberated by the Americans, rejoins the Squadron. The former CO, S/Ldr F. Woolley, leaving to command 130 (Punjab) Squadron


Transfer to B.118 Celle,  the Squadron is now operating from an airfield in Germany.


A. Kicq destroyed a Fw-190 near Hamburg.


Armed Recce. in the triangle Wirtenberg - Lubeck - Hamburg. a formation  consisting of F/Lt P. Bangerter, P/O D. Watkins, G. Gigot and C .Orban, discovers an airfield and destroyed 4 Ju-188 and damages 1 Fw-190 on the ground.


Armed Recce. (S/Ldr T. Spencer, F/Lt L. Siroux, H. Boels) at the same airfield  ( 12 miles NE of Lauenburg) results in the destruction of 1 Ju-88, 1 Ju-87 and 1 Fw-190 on the ground. The same day, the CO, S/Ldr T.  Spencer, is shot down by flak whilst performing an attack on a Tanker in Wismar Bay. For his offensive spirit and conspicuous gallantry, he was awarded an immediate DFC.


A Sweep to Berlin sees the formation of 11 Spitfire's  clash with 12 Fw-190. F/Lt D. Haworth, P/O D. Watkins, M. Doncq, and A. Kicq destroyed each one, with Kicq  damaging another. R. Muls also damaged a Fw-190. W/O  Jacques Groensteen was shot down and MIA. The same day, F/Lt K. Smith is shot down by flak and made POW after crash landing his Spitfire.


S/Ldr H.  Walmsley, Flight CO of 130 (Punjab) Squadron, takes over the command of 350. In the afternoon, a He-111 is shot down by  P/O D. Watkins and A. Van Eeckhoudt, executing an Armed Recce. in the sector Rostock - Pritzwalk. The same evening a Sweep in the region of Wismar sees the CO destroying a Fw-190, as did his wingman, F/Lt G. de Patoul. A few minutes later G. de Patoul is hit by flak off of Blankensee airfield and has to bail out near Ratzeburg, making him POW and also the last loss of the Squadron on operations. 


4 Spitfires Mk XIV of the Squadron met a formation of 20 Fw-190. During the melee, 2 Fw-190 are destroyed by E  Pauwels, one by the CO and P. Delorme damaging another one.


A section intercepts 3 Fw-190. A short dogfight follows in which G. Gigot destroys one opponent. Another enemy pilot loses control of his plane and bailed out, this victory being credited to the CO, P. Leva, M. Doncq and G. Gigot.


125 Wing (350, 41 and 130 Squadron's) led by G/C "Johnnie" Johnson execute a Sweep to Berlin. A historic mission, because a junction of 2TAF and the Red Army was executed when the Wing met 40 Yak's.


4 Spitfires Mk XIV patrolling in the region of Wittenbert - Ludwiglust did not hesitate to engage 30 Fw-190, resulting in the score of 2 destroyed for F/Lt P. Bangerter, 2 for P/O D.  Watkins, damaging a third, G. Gigot destroying a fifth one, and these 3 pilots sharing in the destruction of a sixth one. P/O D. Watkins also destroyed a Fw-190 on the ground.


An engagement against 20 Fw-190 sees H. Boels destroying 2 enemy aircraft with P. Leva and R. Muls destroying each another one.


We have the big pleasure to see EX  P.O.W  F/Lt  SMITH who managed to escape and come back to us with a German Staff car.  We heard as well that F/O CRESSWELL TURNER is OK in a Hospital.  But what was for us something unsavoury to swallow is the return of the proclaimed killed S/L SPENCER.  We hardly could believe our eyes.  The fact is that his aeroplane exploded at 100 feet and his lucky body was projected outside with his parachute which did its duty perfectly.  At night a light drinking party started in his honour by WING COMMANDER  KEEFER exploded in the most perfect and general drunkeness when it was announced that the General Officer Commanding all the German Forces in our section VON KLUGE has  capitulated to the most Glorious 2nd Army to which we were proud to belong.


An Armed Recce. to Schleswig-Holstein sees a formation of 6 Spitfires destroying an Arado 234 on the approach of Hohn Airfield. This victory being shared by F/Lt P. Bangerter, P/O D. Watkins, A. Van Eeckhoudt and A. Kicq. This was also the last aerial kill obtained by 350 Squadron.


Armed Recce.: a convoy of 50 enemy trucks is attacked near Kiel, 29 of them being destroyed.


A last patrol is executed  by F/Lt Featherstone, P/O D. Watkins and M. Doncq, this formation landing at 08.45 am


The Squadron is deployed to B.152 Fassberg.


Field Marshal Jodl signs the Act of Surrender


VE-Day (VE-Day Victory in Europe Day)